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This patient needed extensive treatment to improve the alignment, size, shape and health of her teeth. The upper front teeth were too short as a result of ongoing damage caused by grinding against the edges of the lower front teeth.

There was too much display of gum when the patient smiled.

The teeth were stained and the existing crowns were ill fitting and the patient found them unsightly.

In order to restore the front teeth to their original size it was necessary to first move them forward slightly so that they no longer met the lower teeth edge to edge. I used a removable brace to do this which took approximately 12 weeks.

Following this I whitened the upper and lower teeth, fixed the gumline and then used a combination of crowns and bridges to complete the restoration.

The patient opted for a completely natural look and so the colour and characteristics were perfectly matched to the lower natural teeth, so much so that it is very difficult to tell them apart.

Needless to say the patient is delighted.