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Ultra-Thin emax Crowns

A crown is like a veneer except it covers the entire tooth all the way round and is therefore used when the tooth has existing fillings.

Traditionally crowns had a metal layer which was covered in porcelain however this made the crown very bulky and required a lot of damaging drilling to the tooth in order for the result to look acceptable. With time the grey metal junction of the crown would become visible and the gum could end up looking very red and unsightly like this:



Emax crowns have no metal layer and are made of an exceptionally strong material called Lithium Disilicate. This material has revolutionised Cosmetic Dentistry and the results are simply breathtaking.

This is the same patient 6 years after I performed a gum lift followed by replacement of the old crowns with emax crowns and bespoke colour matching. The resulting crowns look like natural teeth and the gums still look pink and healthy.