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Straightening Teeth with Orthodontics

I have many years of experience in teeth straightening using orthodontics to help patients feel more confident with their smile. Orthodontics is the name given to the practice of aligning teeth or straightening teeth into their correct position in the jaw using fixed or removable braces.

If you feel that your teeth are misaligned it can affect your confidence. I can help you to get straighter teeth through a range of different treatments.

Short Term Fixed Orthodontics (Six Month Smiles)

Technology has moved on a long way from the braces we all remember wearing when we were teenagers. Rather than taking 2 years or more to complete treatment, nowadays we can use Short Term Orthodontics to achieve excellent alignment of the front teeth in as little as 4 to 6 months.

The silver brackets we all remember have been replaced by transparent invisible ones and the silver wire has now become tooth coloured and completely camouflaged.

Examples of this type of brace system are “Six Month Smiles” and “Quick Straight Teeth”.

Please take a look at the following two videos on Six Month Smiles:


Another amazing innovation is the advent of “invisible” removable braces like Invisalign. This is a state of the art brace system which uses a series of transparent removable appliances to gently guide the teeth into the correct position in the jaw.

The fact that the braces are completely transparent means that they are virtually invisible and are therefore convenient for those in customer facing roles who require the ultimate in discretion for teeth straightening.

Treatment times will vary according to the complexity of the case but can be as little as 6 months. To get the best quality invisible braces Glasgow dentists have to offer, contact Precision Dentistry today.

Please take a look at these videos which explain How Invisalign works:

Inman Aligner

This is another removable brace system which is proving itself to be highly effective in correcting mild to moderate crowding of the upper and lower front teeth.

Its main advantage is speed and in many cases treatment can be completed in around 3 months.

Click here to see before and after straightening teeth pictures of patients who were treated with the above types of brace system.