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At Precision Dentistry we believe everyone deserves to have the power of a beautiful, bright smile. The colour of our teeth changes throughout our lives depending on a huge range of factors including our age, diet and lifestyle. Teeth can be stained by certain food, drinks and smoking, all of which penetrate beneath the surface of the teeth and leave them looking discoloured or darker.

If you want to get your healthy, bright smile back and make a fabulous impression.



Over 20 Years Teeth Whitening Experience

Precision Dentistry has been offering teeth whitening in Glasgow for more than 20 years. Our whitening treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures in Glasgow.

Having researched the teeth whitening treatments currently available, Precision Dentistry only recommend our treatment using Carbamide Peroxide. It’s the best quality and most effective whitening or bleaching treatment you will find. We combine dental excellence with the highest quality materials to give you outstanding and lasting results.

There are many products and teeth whitening treatments on the market and it can be difficult and confusing to work out which will work best. Come and talk to our friendly team and we’ll explain our teeth whitening treatment to you and why we think it’s the best treatment you will find.

Our goal is to give you back your beautiful, confident smile, and our safe and painless whitening treatment will have your teeth looking brighter in just 14 days. At Precision Dentistry, we are confident we’ll give you a smile you can be proud of.



Our Whitening Treatment

Our effective teeth whitening treatment uses only the best bleaching products. The simple treatment uses a custom-made bleaching tray that sits in your mouth over your teeth perfectly.

The whitening gel, which contains the active ingredient Carbamide Peroxide is applied to the custom-made mouthguard, which holds the product against your teeth overnight while you sleep. The procedure is carried out over 14 nights for maximum effect, leaving your teeth lighter and brighter.

We know our specialist treatment gives incredible results. You won’t be disappointed.

You will use a special mouthguard known as a bleaching tray. This sits over your teeth, having been custom-made to fit your mouth perfectly. The whitening product is applied to the mouthguard which holds the product against your teeth overnight while you sleep. This procedure is carried out over 14 nights.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures in Glasgow – I take pleasure in giving people back their confidence and allowing them to feel positive about their teeth and their smile.

If you are interested in having your teeth whitened please contact us today by calling 0141 222 6580 or emailing

FAQs on teeth whitening

Having your teeth bleached is a simple and completely painless procedure. It is carried out at home overnight while you sleep. You wear a specially-designed mouthguard with whitening gel on the inside and your teeth are whitened while you sleep.
The recommended amount of time for this procedure is across 14 nights. This is the time it takes for optimal results – after the 14 nights your teeth will be as white as they can be.
I only recommend the use of Carbamide Peroxide gel as I feel that there is nothing to be gained from other expensive procedures with no difference in the end result.
The stain that makes your teeth darker actually builds up beneath the surface of your teeth, so no amount of brushing will make a significant difference. If you want noticeably whiter teeth then you will need to have them whitening by a dentist.