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I Have Lost All My Teeth

When a patient has lost all their teeth they have two options for treatment with teeth implants:

1. A removable denture which is supported by implants.
2. A full arch of fixed teeth supported by implants.

Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures are similar to conventional dentures except for the fact that they are supported by two or more implants. This gives them far more stability and allows the patient to chew most foods without fear of the denture becoming dislodged.



“This patient had only four remaining teeth in the upper jaw and was unable to chew food properly with the conventional denture she had. The remaining four teeth were extracted, four implants were placed which then supported a new full upper denture.”

In the upper jaw I usually use 4 implants, evenly distributed for maximum stability.

In the lower jaw I normally only place 2 implants, one on either side.

Advantages of Implant Retained Denture:
  • Lower cost option when compared with fixed teeth. Removable for cleaning.
  • Easier for patients with limited manual dexterity.
  • The addition of acrylic gum can improve the “hollow cheek” look in older patients following loss of all the teeth.
Disadvantages of Implant Retained Denture
  • Many patients prefer not to have to remove their teeth for cleaning and find it embarrassing to do so.
  • Although the dentures are stable and should not dislodge there is still some movement which the patient will be aware of.
  • The upper denture still covers the roof of the mouth albeit to a lesser degree than a conventional denture. Some patients have a severe gag reflex and cannot tolerate this which means they must opt for fixed teeth.

Fixed Teeth Implants Glasgow

For many patients having fixed teeth on implants is the closest thing to having their own teeth back.



“This patient had multiple abscesses, decay under old crowns and broken roots which meant that all the upper teeth had to be extracted. I placed 6 implants which support a full arch of fixed teeth which look and felt better than the original smile.”

In the upper jaw I normally place 4 to 6 implants evenly distributed for maximum stability.

In the lower jaw I normally place 4 implants, two on either side.

Advantages of Fixed Teeth Implants:
  • Closest option to having natural teeth.
  • Completely stable with no movement during chewing, speaking and normal function.
  • Do not have to be removed for cleaning, can be brushed and flossed like real teeth.
  • No restriction on the type of food which can be enjoyed.
  • Fixed teeth can in some cases be provided on the SAME DAY as extraction of the natural teeth.
Disadvantages of Fixed Teeth Implants:
  • Patients with poor manual dexterity may find it more difficult to maintain hygiene.
  • Higher cost compared to implant retained dentures.