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I Have One Missing Tooth

Having one tooth missing can badly affect your confidence as well as making it difficult to do simple things such as eating or talking. Whether you have lost a tooth through injury or you’ve always had one tooth that has been a problem, it is important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

In cases where a single tooth is missing or needs to be extracted it can be replaced by using a single dental implant to support a new crown.

In this picture one of the front teeth is an implant but most people would find it very difficult to spot which one.

This young lady suffered a bad fall and severely fractured her front tooth. I was able to extract the broken tooth and place an implant straight away with a temporary crown which I then replaced after three months once the implant had fully integrated. Many of the patient’s friends and family still do not know that she has lost her front tooth and now has an implant.



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