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I Have One Missing Tooth

Having several teeth missing can seem like a huge and overwhelming problem for some patients. But I can provide you with a solution that deals with the missing teeth quickly and effectively. It’s important to note that in cases where there are several teeth missing you have a range of possible implant options.

If the missing teeth are all next to each other then an implant retained bridge can be a good solution. This is where implants are placed at either end of the space and then linked together with a bridge, which is a span of porcelain teeth used to restore the missing teeth.

If the missing teeth are not all next to each other an implant retained denture can be used to replace all the missing teeth in a cost effective manner.

As few as two implants can be used with special attachments which can allow a denture to click into place and be held securely.

Here is an example of one of my patients who required an implant retained bridge as part of a complete smile design. As you can see there were several missing teeth in a row and so I placed an implant at either side of the space and restored the space with a bridge.



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