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Dental Lab

I established Visage Dental Lab in 2009 because I wanted the very best technical expertise at my disposal. I hired Ian Smith who is widely regarded as one of the best ceramists in the UK to lead the team of technicians which has now grown to five full time members of staff. This is an entirely unique approach to dentistry in Glasgow and it allows me and my team to achieve fantastic results for our patients.

I made it clear from the outset that the most important attribute of each member of the team was the ability to consistently produce the highest quality work. The fact that I was more interested in quality than quantity meant that I received applications from the most talented technicians who were similarly motivated to be the best that they could be.

This ethos has also meant that I don’t lose staff to other labs, in fact I have a waiting list of technicians who have expressed a desire to come and join the team. The lab now produces work for some of the best known dentists in the UK and has established a reputation for peerless quality. The lab plays a big role in my ability to provide exceptional dentistry, which includes solutions such as crowns, bridges and dental implants.

My vision for the future is to continue to grow the lab organically to double it’s current size but retaining the focus on premium quality and cementing it’s reputation as one of the foremost labs in the UK.

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