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Posterior Masterclass 10-12 Nov Glasgow

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    24 Hours


Optimal Preparations for Adhesive Onlays, Overlays and Crowns

Modern adhesive dentistry has allowed us to use far more conservative tooth preparation for indirect restorations.

Whereas previously we may have used full coverage crowns we can now utilise the principles of enamel/dentine bonding to restore posterior teeth with ceramic or composite inlays/onlays, thus preserving precious tooth structure.

This 3 Day full immersion course has been refined and improved upon as a result of feedback from delegates over the last 5 years.It became obvious that we needed to add a third day to allow practicals on impression taking, fabricating beautiful provisionals and the bonding of definitive restorations under rubber dam.We believe that this is the most comprehensive Posterior Prep Course in the UK.

In this three-day hands on course delegates will learn:
1. The principles of bonding composite/porcelain to enamel and dentine.
2. The different available materials ie. Gold, composite and emax and the key advantages of each.
3. The difference between inlays, onlays and overlays and when to use them.
4.  When to keep a cusp vs when to reduce it and use cuspal coverage.
5.  How to assess and deal with cracks in posterior teeth.
6.  When to switch from overlays to full coverage crowns.
7.  Occlusal assessment and consideration when restoring posterior teeth.
8.  The use of trial equilibration to help plan cases.
9.  Hands on preparation of molar teeth for 4 onlays/overlays and 4 full coverage crowns
10. Immediate dentine sealing
11. Restoration of the endodontically treated premolar/molar
12. Fibre-posts vs endocrowns
13. Hands-on impression taking
13. Hands-on provisionalisation of full coverage crowns
14. Hands-on isolation and bonding of at least 7 units under rubber dam.
15. Hands-on finishing and polishing protocol.

Course fee £1950.
Includes all burs, materials, lunches and refreshments over the three days.